Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crow and Pumpkin

What started out to be a collage ended up with me writing directly on the pen and ink drawing which had taken a few hours to accomplish.  It was scary as I like to use traditional dip pens.  I do not actually write enough to feel confident.  Does anybody write that much any more, since we use our computers / tablets / phones almost totally?  It was doubly stressful as the paper is 140 lb Arches cold-press watercolor paper.  That means it is fairly rough and a challenge to draw on with my dip pens, let alone try to write in script.

I did experience one of the most dreaded casualties in pen work with the drip of a drop of ink on the crow in the sketch stage.  Luckily it was in an area that could be completely darkened.  Whew!  I have not had that happen in a very long time...

I love these Daler Rowney FW Artists acrylic inks I have been using.  They are great to draw with when you know you are going to watercolor over them... They also have a nice selection in colors at our Hobby Lobby! I have included the sketch stage as well as the finished watercolor.

Crow and Pumpkin
Patricia Lee Christensen
9" x 6" Watercolor and Acrylic Inks
Available at my Etsy Gallery

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