Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sporadic 1

Sporadic 1 by Rukshana Hooda
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Ref No. : 8115.
Artist. Rukshana Hooda.
Title.: Sporadic
Size : 16" by 20" on Stretched Canvas.
ABOUT THE PAINTING: This is from my Stop Animal and Bird Abuse and Cruelty to wild life!
Save the Rare species series, Preserve Nature.
This is a stylized Peacock Feather. These beautiful birds dance in the rain, showing their colorful feathers, hence this brings to mind a Rain-dance, the Peacock Dance, the droplets on the feather which are truly Sporadic. The Peacock, OUR NATIONAL BIRD, is An Abstract Painting on the color-wheel, showing beautiful colors.Here the artist captures the composition of bright colors, bringing in positive energy, each color depicting various moods, as cheerfulness, energy, vigor,(Yellow) serenity, spirituality,(Violet and Purple) Warmth, (Orange) Adventure (Red) Abundance (Green) Peace and Tranquility (White) Passion and Beauty (Pink) Calmness (Blue) the color gold depicts wealth,  copper and bronze depict Mother earth, and we all owe something in return, our being is a Blessing, we cherish Life, we are indebted for this Tremendous Gift, a responsibility towards ourselves, our families, society, hence i feel it is important to save our environment...! so there is a hidden message for us all...!
Year. 2nd. Jan 2011.
Signed by the artist.Yes.
Certificate of Authenticity.Yes.
Location. Mumbai. India
Copyrights ©. All rights reserved.
By Fenshui expert Aaron Shuichi Wong : Hanging this (peacock feather) in the house is believed to chase out negative energy in the house.

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