Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ho'okipa Pineapple

Ho'okipa means hospitality in Hawaiian. Pineapples have long been the emblem of welcome and hospitality. 

"In colonial America, hostesses would set a fresh pineapple in the center of their dining table when visitors joined their families in their homes. Visiting was the primary means of entertainment and cultural exchange, so the concept of hospitality was a central element in colonial life. The pineapple, then, symbolized the warmest welcome a hostess could extend to her guests, and then often it also served as the dessert for the meal. If the visitors spent the night, they would be given a bedroom with a bed in which pineapples had been carved on either the bedposts or the headboard -- even if that was the master bedroom."

This original 11"x15" watercolor painting features bright tropical colors. Come view it here at The Creators Palette


DreamON said...

This is beautiful!

DreamON said...

This is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I really like your colorful pineapples! I like the history behind it too. I remember about the carved pineapples from a history of furniture class. I love when people post a little history behind their work!

Lisabongzee ~ Island Dream Life said...

It turned out BEAUTIFUL, Melanie!
Great job.