Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PERFECT sun-SET OF THE DAY ~Lisabongzee's Island Dream Life

I recently got back into surfing again, and I realize just how much I missed it. Being out in the ocean brings me complete contentment. I think I must have been a dolphin in a former life!

“Perfect sun~Set Of The Day” is my latest original oil.

The perfect glassy set of the day rolls in just before the sun says "Aloha" for the evening. It's your last chance to catch that perfect wave!

"Perfect sun~Set Of The Day"
is an original 24x12 oil painting, and is available HERE.

Mahalo for taking the time to view my artwork!


LisaBongZee's Island Dream Life Website


angelself said...

Awesome! Kathryn

LV said...

What a lovely place ans sunset.

Annesphamily said...

Beautiful! I feel so relaxed looking at this post!