Friday, February 11, 2011


Sporadic by
Rukshana Hooda
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Ref No. : 8118.
Artist. Rukshana Hooda.
Title.: Sporadic
Size : 12" by 18" on Cartridge paper.
ABOUT THE PAINTING: This is from my Stop Animal & Bird Abuse and Cruelty! Save the Rare species series, Preserve Nature.
This is a stylised Peacock Feather, These beautiful birds dance in the rain, showing their colourful feathers, hence this brings to mind a Rain-dance, the Peacock Dance, & the droplets on the feather which are truly Sporadic. The Peacock, OUR NATIONAL BIRD, is An Abstract Painting on the color-wheel, showing beautiful colors.Here the artist captures the composition of bright colors, bringing in positive energy, each colour depicting various moods, as cheerfulness, energy, vigor,(Yellow) serenity, spirituality,(Violet & Purple) Warmth, (Orange) Adventure (Red) Abundence (Green) Peace & Tranquility (White) Passion & Beauty (Pink) Calmness (Blue) the colour gold depicts wealth,silver longetivity ... I also show copper, bronze in my Paintings depicting Mother earth, & we all owe something in return, our being is a Blessing from God, we cherish Life, we are indebted for this Tremendous Gift, a responsibility towards ourselves, our families, & society, hence i feel it is importent to save our enviournment...! so there is a hidden messege for us all...!
Year. 11th. Feb 2011.

Signed by the artist.Yes.

Certificate of Authenticity.Yes.

Location. Mumbai. India

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henzy said...

Great piece. I love the movement and texture

Rukshana Hooda said...

Honored & Many thanks,
Happy Valentine's day

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