Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Years Resolution...

Hi everyone! I'm a newbie to Etsy and the VAST team... and am very excited to be a part of it all!

My new years resolution this year is to start believing in my talents and stop hiding them away. As a fine art photographer, I love to dabble for hours in Photoshop and turn my images into meaningful pieces of art. And I am so grateful that I can now share my photography with people that will (hopefully!) love and appreciate my work.

Please visit my shop - I would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions. And I would love some more fans and followers on my Facebook Page and Blog!

MY ETSY SHOP: RnicholasPhotography - Etsy Shop

Thanks in advance for your support... of course, I'll do the same in return. I love talent, love people using their talents, and I love looking at other people's work!!! Please share with me :)

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