Monday, October 4, 2010

"White Feather" as an original painting versus the print

"White Feather" original watercolor and ink
7" x 9"

I had a bad flu all last week and wasn't terribly productive, but I did manage to make this one while I was in bed inbetween enormous amounts of sleeping.

When I scanned it in yesterday (thinking about making some giclee prints), it looked so psychedelic, almost neon. So I tried a number of tricks in the computer until I got it the way I liked it. Here is the result:

"White Feather" giclee prints
8" x 10" print in my Artfire shop
5" x 7" print in my Etsy shop

I have no idea of where I'll sell the original. Haven't made up my mind about that-- sell it on-line? Or as part of a gallery themed exhibit?

Anyway, did I make the right choice in toning it down?

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IrelandBrady said...

I like it both ways ....