Sunday, October 17, 2010

"The Letter N"

I am so enjoying my sojourn through the alphabet! With each new letter I discover something new and am excited by where the pen and my mind take me next. In this case, it was to the completion of "The Letter N"!

I have listed the newly completed "N" in My Etsy Shop earlier today.  It is available as an authorized art print (8"x10") and as an Open Edition ACEO (2.5"x3.5").

Stacy, MagicLoveCrow, guessed that I was working on "The Letter N" and has provided me with another letter which I began illustrating today.  If you are the first guesser with the current letter, you will be able to provide me with the next letter to illustrate as well as receive a complimentary Open Edition ACEO of the letter you choose.

In order to give others a chance at being first guesser, I humbly ask that previous first guessers please wait until the day following this post to submit their guesses, and that guesses be limited to one per day for each person.  

OK ....  The clue for the new letter is:  It is a consonant and there are only seven of them left to illustrate.  This letter generally starts a question.

You can see which letters have been illustrated so far, go to my latest Etsy listing ("The Letter N")
 and beneath the description of the letter is a list of completed letters ...

"The Letter N"

Good Luck guessing!

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IrelandBrady said...

Looking forward to your guesses and comments!