Saturday, September 11, 2010


I can't seem to resist putting everything in a circle. Must be I'm still a potter in heart, mind and soul (I was always painting rims & putting something theme related in the center... kind of like this, but in ceramics, the colors are always unpredictable).

And perhaps the symmetry is also akin to being a musician where the sound on an acoustic instrument often comes out of a hole. Hmmm...

Anyway, this painting is another OSWOA (an original painting, 4" x 6", pen & ink & watercolor paints). Perhaps looks a little vintage (Victorian era maybe)? I think I'll make some other products (maybe gift tags?) with this design too at some point.

But for now, this original is in ye olde on-line shop at Etsy.

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IrelandBrady said...

Beautiful! Love the way you incorporate celtic design into your pieces.

Lise Winne said...

Thank you! I love the way you incorporate the celtic in your pieces too. I think we're on a similar path in this way.


Elizabeth said...

Your circles and intertwining lines are breathtakingly beautiful. I'm awed by your precision and painstaking detail - these are lovely.