Saturday, August 21, 2010

Making Prints from my Cards

In recent years, many people have told me that they buy my greeting cards to frame. A few weeks ago one of my shopkeepers asked me if I could pretty please begin making reproduction prints to sell in his shop - so I began exploring this yesterday.

I spent the day formatting several of my quotation card designs to fit into an 11x14 matted frame. Things were going OK until my brandy new Epson printer went on the fritz and refused to load the paper (me pulling my hair and dancing around, squeeling expletives.) I've called and emailed Epson to no conclusion so now I'm thinking of just having them printed by someone else. Once I get this all figured out, I will add them to the products I sell on Etsy and elsewhere.

I must say, they do look very nice.

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The OriginalPsyn said...

Beautiful work.

Elizabeth said...

Your work in color is as lush and rich as your black and white - I love the sinuous shapes, too. Beautiful, Cynthia!