Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Killer Wore Orange, by Amanda Collis, a.k.a Mossmottle

Hello to all :-) I'm very glad to be a part of this group!
Here's a shot of a recent oil painting on canvas paper.
I received the gift of a tube of hand made alizarin orange paint and was instantly seduced by it.
The painting has an Italian Giallo film influence, although that might be hard to see, aside from the title :-)
Dimensions: 42 x 56 cm
Work date: April-May 2010.

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Marcela said...


MissKArt said...

This keeps my eyes occupied. The colors are explosive. This is a very busy painting, but in a great way.

mossmottle said...
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mossmottle said...

Thanks so much for commenting, Marcela, and MissKArt! I was wondering why so many of my recent paintings are so busy myself!