Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mixed Media Collages that Pop!

I'm mainly an abstract painter, and I don't draw very well, so years ago I came up with a way to include recognizable images in my work by printing, cutting and collaging. Instead of just gluing the image down, I attach it to the paper with foam mounting tape, so that it stands up a little, and casts a shadow when light hits it.

These collages are made in a several-step process. First, I draw a grid and paint the squares individually in watercolor on paper. Then I compose the image I want on the computer, changing the size and color as needed. Then I print out a bunch of images on ultra-premium inkjet paper and cut them out. I mount the cut-outs on the painted squares using foam tape. This gives the 3D effect which makes the collage really “pop” on the wall.

My most popular image is the coffee cup, but I recently added some ladybugs and snails, which seemed appropriate for the season.

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