Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So Many Stories

This is a canvas I'm just finishing working on (a few more tweaks needed!) for an upcoming exhibition called "Revive, Revolve, Re-Love" based around re-cycled art.

I've used acrylics and mixed media, mainly found and re-cycled papers and objects - there's all sorts in there!

My friend Lisa came up with the title - when she saw it she made the comment "oh so many stories", and I really felt it fitted!

The canvas measures 12 x 32 x 1.5" - full view below.


Jessica McKelvin said...

This piece is lovely. I did some paintings with found objects in high school. Even though I haven't had inspiration for any more I love to see other people's work. Again I love it, very beautiful.

artangel said...

Thank you Jessica, you're very kind! I'm fascinated by found objects, I use them quite a lot in my work, and am always on the lookout!