Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easton's Beach

Easton's Beach Study

Easton's Beach Study / 5 x 7 / oil on canvas panel

This painting was begun en plein air out at Easton's Beach in Newport, RI. I was with my 2 year old son, sitting with my homemade pochade painting box on my lap. It was a beautiful day with beautiful early spring skies and some wind off the water. I realized shortly into the painting that I couldn't finish it there, so I took home what I had and finished it up in my studio.

You can see a progress pic on my blog:


DreamON said...

I don't know how you painted anything while watching a 2-year old. They get around! Nice painting!

Erin said...

Thanks! And, my 2 year old was busy digging in the sand at the time, otherwise I'm sure nothing would have been done:)