Friday, April 16, 2010

Barrington Across the Cove - Original Oil Painting by Erin Spencer

Barrington Across the Cove Plein Air

Barrington Across the Cove . 4.5 x 8 . oil on panel . purchase

I painted this today en plein air, sitting with my painting box on my lap in my sun room, looking out over Belcher's Cove toward Barrington, Rhode Island. The silvery blue day was closing and I just had to capture the scene. I see this view everyday and am always inspired by this little cove so close to home!

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Diane O'Neil said...

It would be lovely to have something like that to look at everyday. It must be a nice spot to paint.

Erin said...

It is nice! I feel very fortunate!

MissKArt said...

Very nice :) I love the silver look of it. I think I've only done one plen air piece in my whole art career. This painting is inspiring. I should take a hand at it more often. Seems it could be very relaxing.