Thursday, March 4, 2010

Original Art Bookmarks at Nature's Charms

I've been hard at work today, even though it's my birthday, to list new bookmarks in my Etsy shop--Nature's Charms. Each of the bookmarks shown in the image above are Pen and Watercolor on Strathmore Windpower Series paper, and each measures 6 x 2 inches.

I love creating bookmarks just as much as I like reading the books they adorn!


Dyche Designs said...

Those are great and Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favourite pass times...making bookmarks is such a simple way to have fun and it give us a chance to play with our art supplies!
I love the watercolour paper you've used's a beautiful weight, and your drawings are superb! Very lovely...a compliment to nature's beauty!

ciao bella

artangel said...

These are lovely watercolours, I love natural themes :)

Another Daydreamer said...

Thank you! :D