Friday, March 19, 2010

Book Club Fantasy Art

This little painting is one that I worked on while at a science fiction and fantasy literature convention. The things that go on in life always seem to reflect in some way in the art. It could be a punny friend, a scene in a book, something on the news, or something happening with family. But so often a work of art can show a small little glimpse into the life of the artist.
Most of my dragons remind me of my teenage son, and the little fairy cats are often inspired by my daughter, but on occasion, it is the other way around. And it can be little every day things that inspire little charming pictures. A teenage boy tearing into a piece of pizza or a little girl's fascination with bugs, reptiles and wildlife.


Renee Troy said...

I think your illustration artwork is amazing.
I'm wondering if you might be interested in donating a piece to a fundraiser that I've begun to support A Place to Bark. I'm doing a handmade art book and putting it up for auction, all proceeds to the Bark. I have 20 artists donating a small work of art...details can be forwarded to you upon your requests. It's small, it's, simple, and it's for a good cause. Please let me know.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Megan Coyle said...

This illustration is so much fun - the colors you used work so well and I love the characters.

johnniebelinda said...

I love story telling through art. It's great

artbylmr said...

What an adorable piece - I love it!

martinealison said...

I like very much the draw with the dog and the cat. The colors are sweet. Good illustration.