Friday, February 26, 2010

Large Floral Still Life Watercolor

(c) Melanie Pruitt 2010

This is my newest painting - a still life painted from a vase of flowers sitting right in front of me!

I've been pretty ill the last 2 months. I struggle with a chronic illness and had almost 2 mos of stomach pain and nausea. Some friends came by with these flowers to cheer me up. For some reason, I just wanted to paint BIG... so I pulled out my 18"x24" rough press block and started painting them from life. What a fun experience!!!

My only reget, is that we have only had rain since I finished it and so far, I just can not get a good picture of the yellow flower. But the sun will shine again, and then I can update my Etsy listing. It is much more varied in color and depth than this picture shows.

I really love the movement and color in the background - bringing a feel of impressionism to this watercolor painting. The rough press paper also allows many of my granulating pigments to bring great texture to this painting.

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Dyche Designs said...

What a beautiful watercolor. So sorry to hear you've been ill but how lovely that those flowers inspired you to paint.