Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tonegawa in the rainy season & summer sale time.

Hi Vasters,
I hope you're enjoying the summer/winter where ever you are. This latest new listing in my shop shows the river in front of my house looking misty and solemn in the rainy season. In the cooler months there is a view right across the plain to distant mountains, but in the summer it is cloaked in humidity. Watercolour on CP paper.

Until midnight on the 8th of August, some smaller works on paper are reduced to $8.00; my 888 sale. 888 in considered a lucky number in Japan. Get some positive feng shui for your walls!

Enjoy a hot/cold August. Don't get sick!


sojournquilts said...

You captured the mood of a grey day beautifully!

Victoria Webb said...

Beautiful and sophisticated work - I love your other watercolor landscapes and still-lifes; a modern interpretation of Japanese tradition.

Especially like your Yuzu painting.