Saturday, August 1, 2009

Three New Twenty Somethings

Tree Whispers by Cindy Davis, $20

Here are three new Twenty Somethings freshly served up for my Etsy Shop.

My creative process requires lots and lots of experimentation. In order to paint my large, gallery-ready original abstract painting, I wind up making tons of small, quirky paintings that go in all sorts of directions. Mostly on paper, mostly acrylic, sometimes on canvas, sometimes oil; all of them are experimental.

I use these small paintings to try out new ideas and concepts before I splatter and splash up a huge canvas. when they stack up too much and gather them up in groups of twenty and offer them for sale at $20 bucks each.

Green Moon Rock by Cindy Davis, $20

It also has turned out that my Twenty-Somethings are most popular with my Twenty-Something collectors.

It fits their budget. Heck, it fits my budget too.

Raising Kids Thirty-Somethings and Redecorating Forty-Somethings snatch up these little paintings as well. So for around $20 and some chump change, you get an original painting, a ... drumroll here.... Cindy Davis Art original.

Lavender Lampost by Cindy Davis, $20.

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sojournquilts said...

Great ideas. Starting small sounds (and looks) like a creative and productive way to work things out as you move to larger formats.