Friday, August 21, 2009

Hawaiian Honeysuckle Love

A beautiful pair of Hawaiian Amakihi enjoy a meal together among the dazzling nectar-filled flowers of the tropics.

"Hawaiian Honeysuckle Love"
is an 11 x 14 original oil painting, and is available in my
Etsy shop.

The Amakihi is a Hawaiian Honeycreeper. There are said to be four different sub-species, depending on location. The Kauai, Hawaii, Oahu, and Maui Amakihi, each with subtle differences. Often seen in small flocks, most common in native forests above 2,000 ft. The male is a brilliant yellow green, while the female is a darker olive green. They can usually be found collecting sweet nectar from the flowers of the forest.


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1 comment:

Bluebirdsandblossoms said...

Great painting! I feel like I can smell the sweet honeysuckle flowers. ;)