Saturday, August 22, 2009

Garden paintings and blogs

Dawn in the Garden, oil on canvas 35″x48″ 2005. This is an older painting now sold as a limited edition print on Hahnemule German Etching paper. It measures approximately 11″ x 14″. 

Liatris, oil on canvas panel 12″x9″ 2009. A small garden painting inspired by flowers in my backyard border. 

One of my artist interviews made it into a link on the scholarly journal, 'Southern Spaces', an online journal and forum supported by Emory University. You can read the interview here on my blog.

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Thanks for looking and have a wonderful weekend!


Sixsisters said...

Wonderful colors !!!

Victoria Webb said...

Thank you Joan, I appreciate your comment!

Bluebirdsandblossoms said...

Love the colors in Liatris.