Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cthulhushi and Punk Dragon Drawings

I seem to be focused on Dragons these days. Cthulhushi might be one of the strangest things my muse led me to create. It all started with me thinking more about packing bento style lunches more with the kids starting back to school. Then you have the boy's fascination with dragons and my husband's love of Lovecraft (and maybe a few episodes of Calls 4 Cthulhu that dh's old college room mate creates) and my magpie muse put this image in my head.

And next we have my Punk Dragon. The sketch for this was done at a friend's house. He toddler turned around and gave me this snarling glare that made me giggle. It didn't help that last Halloween we dressed her up as a little punk baby complete with pink hair, chains on her jacket and a Ramones T-shirt. So a a toddler with attitude was the inspiration for my punk dragon ink drawing that you see here.

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artbylmr said...

I see a children's book in the making :) Soooo cute!