Saturday, July 4, 2009

Seaside Inspirations

I've always loved the sea and now that I'm living just 20mins walk from Bournemouth beach I have much more opportunity for seaside inspiration!
Here are some of my latest creations that have been inspired by the sea:

Beneath the Sea - Original Monoprint - $90 (£55)
This is an original monoprint from a series of five I created using leaves, string and a feather. A monoprint is a completely one off piece of art, but in this case I developed the theme using similar colours and objects in each print. I love the watery feeling and the textures in this print.

Tropical Waters - Original Collage - $38 (£23)

Mixed media collage with an under water theme.
Contains watercolour, drawing, stamping and collage elements.

Blue Horizons - large Original Watercolour $140 (£86)
Cool blue and white abstract watercolour painting.
I love allowing the watercolour to create patterns and textures
and to merge vibrant colours as I paint. Intense blues and
cool white stripes, blue horizons, waves or clouds...

Sea Air - Fine Art Print $20 (£12)
Giclee print created from my original watercolour painting 'Sea Air'. This blue and white watercolour still life is fresh and breezy and really brings the seaside air in!

Cornish Harbour - Original Watercolour painting - $68 (£42)

Beautiful original watercolour painting of a cornish harbour at dusk.

Don't you just wish you were there?

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Victoria Webb said...

I especially like your 'Beneath the Sea' monoprint, and all the works make me long for the ocean....

Illusio Creative said...

Lovely...very good technique. Love the fishes.