Friday, July 10, 2009


I have become so fascinated with the little birds that keep me company as I paint outdoors that I thought it would be fun to try and paint a few of their portraits.

Papaya Birds, also known as House Finches, are abundant around our yard, and yes, they DO love papaya! They will peck a perfect round hole right in the center of the fruit, just as it is ripening, eat their fill, and leave the rest. I have to be quick to pick the fruit before they get to them, but occasionally they will beat me to it, (which is ok by me). As long as their sweet little chatty chirps keep me amuzed all day, I don't mind sharing my Papaya with them!

This is "Papaya Paradise".


The Japanese White-eye, also known as Mejiro, is native to Japan. It was introduced to Oahu in 1929. It's a common small bird here in Hawaii, found in the city as well as forest areas. It usually travels in small flocks. It is a cute little song bird that slightly resembles the native Hawaiian bird, Amakihi. The difference between the two however, is that the Mejiro has a white circle around the eye, while the Amakihi does not.

These little song birds are plentiful in my yard but I have to be extremely patient (or lucky) to catch a glimpse of them. They are quick moving, always on the search for nectar, insects and fruit. They bring a colorful little addition to my garden, and I am happy to have them around.

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Jean Levert Hood said...

I love Papaya, Lisa!! Excellent painting! wonderful songbirds!