Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Old-Timey Hunks

I just uploaded a bunch of dapper new gentlemen to my etsy account. I love not only these gents, but my description of them, which I spent some time crafting. If you have any critiques of the men or the description, I'd love them!

"I love old-timey gentlemen, with their facial hair and fancy formal dress. I like how some of them used to wear corsets. I adore side-parts and side-burns.

I have translated this love into a series of original ACEOs celebrating dreamboats of times of yore. Come along with me as we explore these hot gentlemen.

If one strikes your fancy, you can take him home with you, or perhaps carry him in your wallet so you can always see the man that is away fighting bravely for you. He is original, and will never be duplicated, so you know that he is your one true soul mate, and yours alone.

Each of these dapper chaps is 2.5" by 3.5", perfect for trading card sleeves, wallet sleeves, and little frames. The small size means affordability so you can start your art and keepsake collection. Each fellow is encased lovingly in a card sleeve, then placed in a sturdy envelope. He will arrive to you via letter-post. If I could arrange for him to arrive via pony express, I would, but alas, those guys don't come around enough for that to be a reliable mode of transportation.

If you'd like, you may take a gander at the whole collection (pictured second) and let your heart go a-flutter at all of the gentlemen gathered in one spot."

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TreasuresFromHawaii said...

Love that you took such time in cre8ng the descriptions for these oh-so-handsome gents! Gr8 work and moving them! God bless...Dava