Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cocoa Peacock Bride original painting

Cocoa Peacock Bride original painting, by Cindy Davis, $20, in my Etsy Shop

I have been eating a lot of "raw" chocolate lately and I believe it is influencing my paintings!

This paintings is from my Twenty-Something Collection.

Twenty-Somethings are doodles, studies, experiments, and sketches, usually on paper, that come out of my studio as I prepare for my larger works. I have a lot of fun with them, and I like e-meeting all the different people that purchase them.

I originally called them Twenty-Something because I priced them for younger people. I met a lot of young people, just getting started in life, and in budgeting, who really can't afford to buy much original art. This collection is an easy way to begin collecting art, and each one costs about the same as a nice dinner in a restaurant.

No frame.
No frills.
$20 bucks a pop.
Original Paintings.

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Robin Maria Pedrero said...

So funny I was just looking at this work of yours yesterday and here it is! I like the design elements!