Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Having Fun With Texture

I use textures in my paintings a lot. Having fun with texture is becoming like adding salt and spice to my food. Here are a couple of examples of textures. In the first one, Music For Martinis, I put the texture on the paper before even having an idea what else would be on the paper.

The other painting, He Gave Me Flowers, had some texture when I painted the initial background, but most of the texturing happened as I finished the painting.

To see these paintings and more with the use of textures, please visit my Etsy shop, DreamON.


Tracee Murphy said...

Nice! I'm also trying to play around with texture. Wax paper, cheesecloth, bubble wrap, and cotton gauze are also really great!

Best wishes, Tracee

Julie B said...

Thank you for sharing your texture adventures! I'm having fun exploring texture in my work too.