Saturday, March 21, 2009

Portrait of a young man

Hi everyone, I wanted to get some feedback about this portrait as an archival print. This is an early painting from my studies at the Chatov studio in Atlanta. 

Thanks for any comments and have a wonderful weekend!

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Leah Felicity said...

This is a stunning piece. Wonderful job.

Victoria Webb said...

Thanks Leah, it's an old one!

Miriam said...

I like it! And I can think of one really good reason to make it a's of a man. Is it my imagination or do you just not see a lot of portraits or drawing of men? I know personally that I gravitate to the female figure just because we are prettier to look at! ;) So when I see a piece of art of a man, I find it very striking. Beautiful work!

Victoria Webb said...

Miriam, interesting point. He's very young, but who knows.
I found a fine art printer in RI (iolabs) who can get them done very quickly and they're exceptionally good - so I guess I'll wait until the orders come in.

Thank you!

ellaphante said...

I love the feeling you get from his captured it so well!