Thursday, March 19, 2009

Look at Me _ 5ft x 4ft large acrylic abstract tree painting on canvas

By Derek Collins
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About this painting:
It has $200 dollars worth of paint on it, No kidding!
It's a lot of fun to paint, but painful, to spend that much on paint.
It's 3D!!!!This painting is painted in a series of layers, it is a many day process. The sky is flat, no texture. The background green trees are really thick paint, 9 ounces of Sap Green paint. The main yellow tree, is 3 layers of thick paint. This progression of thickness from background to foreground, gives this painting a 3 dimensional look. At art shows, people are always asking for permission to touch these thick paintings. The main tree and it's trunk stand out from the canvas. The trunk is smeared on with a palette knife, it is then cut away with the knife to get the straight edges of the trunk. Then grooves are sculpted into the trunk, to simulate bark. 24 hours later, the highlights are painted on. The colors are much more intense in person. The yellow and the red are, IN YOUR FACE, really intense!


sojournquilts said...

Cool process. I bet this is even more stunning in person!

ArtSnark said...

very cool