Sunday, March 1, 2009

Art exhibit and blog

I just dropped off this painting - 'Azaleas and Forsythia' - at the Woodmere Art Museum in Chestnut Hill, PA and will be exhibiting there from March 15-June 5 in the 'Contemporary Voices' show curated by Sam Gilliam. The painting can be found for sale on my own blog and is 8"x10", oil on canvas board.

You might be interested in reading my crazy trajectory in the art world, courtesy of Mallory Whitfield, who writes for the StyleList Blog. Here it is on her own blog, since they don't usually feature fine art, just fashion and design. Thanks for taking a look!


A Painting a Day by Kristen Stein said...

What a great location for a show Victoria. I'll try to stop by and see the show! Congratulations! -kristen

Lizardo Art said...

Beautiful colors! Congratulations on your show!

Victoria Webb said...

Thanks guys -

I hope to see you there Kristen. It's a lovely museum.

Anonymous said...

I love the energy in this piece.