Monday, December 15, 2008

Watercolor on Yupo by Tracee Murphy

What is yupo paper? Yupo paper is a synthetic plastic manufactured by using recycled plastics. My first experience with yupo paper was about a year ago in a waterclass I was taking. We were given a sheet of it and given instructions on how to use it and different ways to create texture on it. We then created a painting using it. I liked the paper, but I didn't give much thought into using it on a regularly, but shortly after that I had the opportunity to buy a package at an estate sale of a local artist. I was so excited then to have it to play around with. I have to admit I haven't done much with it except for one sheet that I played around with and is still a work in progress.

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A Painting a Day by Kristen Stein said...

Never heard of Yupo, so this was a fun and informative entry. Thanks Tracee! Love the color in this painting. -kristen

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I like the entry too! Informative and a happy piece of work!

ceevee said...

Well done! Yupo is a challenge and I applaud you!