Saturday, December 20, 2008

Watercolor Art by Tracee Murphy--Made the Etsy Frontpage 12/20/08

This winter landscape watercolor painting made Etsy's Frontpage today! I had just sat down at the computer to take a break from cleaning house all morning and before going out to do some last minute Christmas shopping and I noticed in my email's inbox I had several Etsy email notifiers. I anxiously scanned through them and a couple were from people letting me know I was on the frontpage.

I sat down just in time to catch it live on the frontpage. The frontpage treasuries change every hour so it's hard to actually get to see it unless you just so happen to be sitting at the computer. I was able to take a screenshot of it. I also added the screenshot image to the flickr group Etsy Frontpagers. If you're an Etsy shop owner you can search your shop name to see if perhaps you've been on the frontpage and didn't even know it. That's how I found out about my first frontpage. It was a couple months after the fact that I found out about being on the frontpage for the first time. This is about the third time I've made it.

Visit jolijoli in her Etsy shop--the curator of this treasury. Thanks so much for selecting one of my paintings for your treasury! Congrats on your treasury making the frontpage!


Miriam said...


ArtSnark said...

Congrats! Lovely treasury & a great piece

sojournquilts said...

Congrats on making the home page! Lovely piece!

A Painting a Day by Kristen Stein said...

YAY! Wahoo! I loved this watercolor when Tracee first posted it. So happy to hear that it was on the FP! Great news! Congratulations!