Wednesday, December 31, 2008


"Some Bunny Love You"

Hi I just wanted to share something new with you!
I have never really put any effort forth in formal training, in the art of sketching. Although my desire to learn is truly strong!
My hubby thinks you should learn everything on your own.
No Books no Classes so on...I must admit thus far, the thought on digital art "I have been successful"! I love to draw and even though I could use a course or I will continue to learn on my own. So I present a new kind of art today to you all!

This is my first collaboration of a sketch mixed with digital art!

I hope you like my newest creation.
You can find it at

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ellaphante said...

I love this! Don't worry about not having formal training. I've never had any formal training in any medium, but I am running a very successful business:)
Best of luck to your and your adorable creations!

cuteartworld said...

That is so good to here! I look back at my first designs and can see the the evolution! haha