Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am delighted to have been accepted into the VAST family!
I've been busy rearranging my studio - which is a ridiculous idea, since it's my busiest time of the year! I haven't had time to make any artwork for a few days so here is a painting from my Etsy shop
I managed to snag a spot in the Etsy ad in the current issue of Craft magazine, and this is the painting I chose to feature.
I look forward to browsing the shops of the many talented VAST members! Cheers!


Robin Maria Pedrero said...

welcome! This is a very nice piece, I really like the sewing forms.

Smoky Glow Studios said...

What a great painting!

Lynn Cyr said...

I LOVE this... the colors and brushstrokes are just fantastic!! :)

R Lyndel Littleton said...

Welcome! With your great art work you'll fit right in with all of the talented VAST artists!