Friday, October 24, 2008

Thinking Above

The image size is 18x11.5 inches
Paper size is 15x22.5 inches
It is printed on Artist Watercolor paper, 200 lb., 100% cotton
This is a varied edition of 10. Not all the prints are the same color.

by Artist/Printmaker Debra James Percival

"Thinking Above" is an original intaglio type print, a non-toxic printing technique utilizing photo-polymer film to make the intaglio plate. I love to photograph church steeples against the sky. This is a photo collage of church steeples in Charlottetown, PEI. It is wonderful how the steeples direct the eye to heaven.

Hi, this is my first post to the Vast Team and I am very happy to be here. You can find more of my prints at my shop


ceevee said...

I love printmaking. Interesting series with the church steeples. I like the tracery of the trees.

Renée Gandy said...

I love your work..this print is very interesting...trees...always an archetype image I identify with.

groovyinclinations said...


Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I admire your printmaking. This is lovely!

ArtSnark said...

Stunning piece. Really cool shop too