Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sugar Mill Sunrise

Aloha, I took my camera one morning to the Sugar Mill and got some great shots. Here is one of the images from my smoke stack series.
Sugar production was once big business in Hawaii starting all the way back in the 1860's, now it's, I guess you could say, a vintage feature of the islands, as agriculture has faded out and long since been replaced by the tourist industry. The mill is still hanging in there, growing sugar cane and producing sugar but the fields and factory have this amazing, abandoned ghost town feel to it.
I plan on using the photos from this series for further experimentation in cyanotype, brown Van Dyke and photogravure ink printing. I posted this new image plus a few others from the series in my Etsy Shop


Sixsisters said...

Amazing photograph !

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

YOU are a fabulous photograper! I am becoming BIG FAN!

Smoky Glow Studios said...

Thank you sixsisters and robin for your encouraging comments!

ceevee said...

What a great idea for a series. You really captured the billowing smoke.