Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shawnee River~BY Mystic Silks

Shawnee River" was inspired by a river that flows through the southern part of Ohio in my mind. It is near old camping grounds of the Native American Shawnee Tribe.
The evening I was there, the river area was so quiet and yet filled with the spirits of the Shawnee Indian. The sun's setting rays slipped easily through the naked trees on the opposite side of the river, and then touched the river's waters with their yellow, orange, and golden colors.
This is a watercolor created on acid free, heavy weight, durable,cold press paper. Framed,glass cover, and ready to display: Measures 12 3/8 x15 3'/8inches
This painting can be viewed at:


Janyce said...

You've captured the mood perfectly!

Ellen said...

It has such a rich, quiet, autumn feel to it. Lovely piece.

heronkate said...

A lovely painting, Klaire. Great colors, and different from your silk paintings!

FolkArtist said...

I think it's beautiful. It has a mystical feel to it, Klaire.


R Lyndel Littleton said...

BEAUTIFUL! What more can we say?