Monday, September 1, 2008

Leaf Prints

Hello Everyone! This is my first post here on the VAST Blog. So I hope this technique will be interesting to you.

Every Fall since I first learned about Leaf Prints, I get the urge to make some. It's pretty easy. You first find some interesting leaves, paint the back with Gesso, place it on some watercolor paper or canvas, etc. Using a brayer, roll over the leaf or leaves, and let this dry. It will act as a resist in the next step which is to paint over it with watercolor. It's fun! Try it.

The above painting is called "Leaf Season."

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Kathy Martin Studio said...

OH neat! I want to add leaves to some of my paintings. I'm in Las Vegas and will have to figure out where to get some! hehe

My boyfriend put a huge oak leaf from a tree in the back yard of his home into a huge dictionary. He did that in the mid 70's, and we found it this weekend. It was under "tree". hehe I want to find a way to put it into a painting, but need to practice before I use the old leaf he stashed as a child. I think that it would be really neat!

Janyce said...

This is great! Welcome to the VAST blog. I went in and made your links to your blog and Etsy site "live" so people can visit you directly. Cheers!--Janyce

DreamON said...

Thanks janyce. I appreciate all the linkage!!

kathy, I'm hoping your boyfriend is willing to sacrifice his leaf, but you need to understand it's probably very fragile. Also, after the gesso is applied, you probably will never get it all off. (Just in case it's a really special leaf to him.) Good luck!

Ellen said...

such a simple technique, but what lovely results! Thanks for posting it.

R Lyndel Littleton said...

I really like this. I will have to make some too. We have all kinds of leaves on Bear Hollow - walnut, oak, sycamore, tulip poplar, elm, crab apple, vibernum, maple, dogwood... and I can picture this with a set of rose leaves too. Ugh, I'm going to hate moving away from here.

Jean Levert Hood said...

This is totally awesome, Mary! I have never seen this and can't wait to try it! Wow!