Wednesday, September 24, 2008

FINDING YOUR CENTER ...Peace of Art a day Project day 27

it says..." life is about finding your center...finding your soul. it's the key."
size : 16" x 24"
acrylic on recycled wood board...with old key in center
I am learning to throw clay and work on a potters wheel. Last night after making several bowls ...I'm good at the bowl shape . I was driving home and was thinking how relaxed it made me. Then I thought about how you must be centered to enjoy the process of making a bowl. The last time I went to class I couldn't get I didn't create anything beautiful that night. Maybe it's like life they more centered you are the more beauty you can create around you , you become more at peace.
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Happy Centering!


R Lyndel Littleton said...

I really like this painting. I like all the different colors and shapes and how they work together to tell a story. And the key in the middle is a really cool touch.

Hillbilly Artist - H. Hinkle said...

Thank you R Lyndel...I really enjoyed slapping all the colors on it, and blending them. (:

sojournquilts said...

Something particularly moving about this piece...lovely...