Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sweet TeA RoSe BaBy Fariy And CuP CaKe Fairy KiTTy

I have to tell you it is always a challenge for me to stop and go constantly having a little one scurry around me! Mama,Mama bunny milk,Mama Mama Key key (Blanket),Mama,Mama cry,cry (Binky,Nukey,Pacey) Omg I run and take care, then rush back before I forget my next move! lol But I always love the end results so it keeps me going! Plus for all that leave their lovely comments, I really appreciate it! It helps my Art Spirit as well! I hope you all enjoy my newest whimsical creation!
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Ana said...

Wonderful use of's so whimsical! It seems like your "chaos" is working - great job!

ScrapbookingPrincess said...

Ok, is this an ACEO? This is soooo beautiful! I really need to start doing some of these!

JoTee said...

I just this "Sweet Tea Rose Baby Fairy and Cup Cake Fairy Kitty" plus I just loved your post with the picture.

cuteartworld said...

Thank you everyone for you comments they mean so much to me! Yes this is an ACEO Card Scrapbookingprincess. They are so much fun to design! Thank you Ana I loved the colors as well!Thank you Jotee it was so the truth!!!lol