Friday, July 25, 2008

Christmas in July sale continues!

The Vast Christmas in July Sale is continuing for these stores!! You still have time to shop and get some wonderful art for your family and friends. These stores will have the sale run through the month of July.

Add your shop and some of your sale items if you would like to join us!


Kae's stores:
Also, everything in my Kae1Supplies shop is now 15% off (but none have been marked down - total will just be reduced 15% and refunded or new invoice sent.

Christmas in July items in Kae1Crafts shop:

Burgandy soft-padded Carousel book filled with hearts and roses.

Blank Ellie Pooh Collage Card in yellows and multicolors.

8 x 10 original acrylic painting Lone Tree Sunset

Original 8 x 10 acrylic painting Saguaro Sunset

Golden Autumn Tree blank card handpainted acrylics

Cherished Memories ACEO - heart and roses series - acrylic handpainted on pink card stock





My VAST sale section is:


Heron Kate

Corn Dancing
Tuscan Villa

Camel Onstage
Tipis in the Snow

Sea Wall

Spirits of the Cliffs

Spirals and Fish



Jean Hood
all of my ACEOs, original paintings, are marked down to $7.00 for my Christmas in July sale!

Here are just a few of them:
Full Hearts * CIJ-VAST
Galaxy 4 * cij
Moon Bunny #8 * cij
Moon Bunny #6 * cij

Selected paintings are marked down 20%:
Purple Cenizo
Dark Evening
Lavender Fields - Almost Night

Susan Elkin

Here are some from Diane Clancy!

Ocean Dreams
In the Zone

Whole Christmas in July section§ion_id=5528560


Kathleen Ney




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dianeclancy said...

What a wonderful selection of items!! Here I come for shopping!!

Christmas in July!!!

~ Diane Clancy